It’s sad when you find that your website has not been viewed by a lot of people. That’s when you feel like you have not done enough to push yourselves out there and that you’ve wasted large amounts of time on trying to make your website better.

There are a few reasons to why that may be so:

  1. Not marketing your website elsewhere

You might want to promote your website elsewhere, especially if it’s a business website.

A lot of companies have incorporated their website address into their branding. Ways you could do this is by printing it on business cards and using it on your email signature. You could also use the website address on banners, flyers etc. and it would allow for people to find you much easier.

  • You are not on social media

Social media can be another important ingredient in encouraging visitors. Since there are numerous people who are on social media daily, by putting your website address online you have a high chance of receiving new traffic.

Since Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the three biggest social media platforms. You may want to invest in social media marketing to help build up a following and you will be able to manage it by yourself as long as you have complete knowledge of how to use the platforms.

You can add social media plug-ins to your website allowing people to easily follow you with the click of a button.

  • Your website loads slowly

Another common problem is slow loading times. If your website takes ages to load, then people will lose interest in going further.

A slow hosting server may also be a problem because some servers contain data from huge amounts of websites leading them to become slow.

Another reason maybe that your website has numerous videos or gifs or even high-definition images or ads, that causes it to load slowly purely due to the amount of information that needs to be loaded. Try to limit embedded media such as videos and gifs.

  • The look and feel of your website

If your website doesn’t look good, you have a big chance of not receiving return visitors. There are numerous factors that can lead to a website looking despicable.

Firstly, could be the colors and fonts. Some colors on a website may make content to be unreadable as would other certain fonts. Stick to fonts that are not to fancy and to make sure that the colors you use complement the background too. Also, the positioning of images must be placed strategically

And must not overlap over text.

Try to keep text short in order avoid people getting bored of reading long texts which could initiate people leaving your website.

The navigation of your site must be much easier to maneuver and allow people to be able to use your website without them getting irritated or even exiting it without them completely visiting the whole site.

  • Your website is not mobile friendly

As a lot of people are usually on the move and are mostly on their mobile devices, you should make sure that your website caters for the mobile users too. If you don’t do this you could be preventing a lot of people from accessing your site. By also doing this it could help you rank better in Google since Google ranks mobile sites higher in search results.

In Conclusion without the above-mentioned tips and more your website will not attract new customers. You may even lose potential customers due to not having the right representation of your company.

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