E-mail Protection

Set user,group or zone based spam and mail virus scanners. Korugan UTM E-Mail Protection delivers the ability of real-time blacklisting along with custom management of black, white and greylists. You can easily block files by extension, add mail routing and manage spam quarantine.


Secure your Wi-Fi connected users with Korugan HotSpot captive portal. While managing landing pages, it has never been easier to apply policies to your HotSpot connected users.

Intrusion Prevention

As a valued SSL customer, you receive first class technical support for any issues or questions you may have during any part of the application, installation or life-cycle of your SSL Certificate.

Best of breed Antivirus

Comodo’s 24×7 AV Labs analyzes world-wide emerging threats and provides millions of users with real-time security. Korugan Unified Threat Management delivers Comodo AV inspection with real-time updates for all web and e-mail traffic.

Slash Costs

Korugan costs a fraction of the purchase price of individual systems, consumes less power and means enterprises no longer need to pay for multiple service and support contracts.

Reduced technical requirements

With just one product to learn, technical personnel are released from the need to manage multiple systems and become more productive, effective and efficient.

Key Features