Digital Transformation and the COVID 19 Pandemic

Digital Transformation and the COVID 19 Pandemic

Digital transformation has emerged as a game changer in the world around us, enabling major transformations in the way businesses operate, for SMME’s however, the trend is slow in progression.

This transformation provides businesses with opportunities to market, sell and advertise their products/ services online through different platforms and channels. Because of this competition is intensifying over increase in the market share, innovative technologies and the redefining of marketing strategies (to gain and maintain loyal customers).

The COVID 19 pandemic on the other hand is indirectly commanding business to go on recess, this is an unfortunate situation for everyone especially entrepreneurs and SMME’s. However, despite the current state of affairs businesses ought to remain relevant and responsive to their customers/ potential clients needs. Question is How?

Below are six steps to ensuring your business survives during and after the COVID 19 pandemic.

  1. Help Fast-Tracking Digital Transformation with necessary tools. e.g (cyber security, VPN, remote support, remote work, encrypted communications)
  2. Choose tools of engagement e.g. (website, social media, google +, chatbots)
  3. Redefining customer engagement- This remains a critical part for growth of any business
  4. Research on your clients need and wants
  5. Develop effective strategies and approaches
  6. Consider designing a website for broader reach, if you already have one ensure your content is frequently updated, managed and well maintained.

Most countries are on lockdown and some on quarantine, don’t let your business suffer because of this. This is your opportunity to advance and enhance your online visibility and productivity.

We are here to assist you reach all your stakeholders in the comfort of their homes using various digital transformation methods.

Written by:

Bonga Ntombela (MD)
Q Flexi IT & Telecoms
ICT Transformation Professional

Working on digital transformation for businesses, Cloud, Innovators and Telecommunications.

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