What is spam mail

A Commercial advertising through mails are known as spam emails. These emails are the best option that makes advertising affordable and much feasible. Spam emails are most commonly termed as junk emails. Most of the spam emails are sure to possess links that would direct the recipient to phishing or malicious website.

Why Anti-Spam Filter Software?

The anti-spam software protects emails, SharePoint collaboration and instant messages from malware threats. The anti-spam filter software assist in detecting and blocking spam much in advance even before it reaches the internal mail platform.

Save times your employees

Studies tell us six out of ten emails received by the average worker are spam. Intrusive offers, announcements and inquiries are only among the few that take valuable time for every employee to scan and delete. Often, these emails go undetected releasing destructive viruses when opened.

Unique and extremely effective tool

Comodo has developed a unique and extremely effective tool that prevents Junk Mail from ever entering your mail server and its employee inboxes.

Here at Comodo we have developed technology that allows Antispam Gateway to filter virus, phishing, malware and harvesting spam attacks in a way automated Spam Bots can’t defeat.

No other Spam filter does a better job of restoring worker productivity because no better spam filter exists.