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About Q Flexi

Wondering ! What sets us apart from the Crowd?

Q Flex Technology cc. trading as Q Flexi IT & Telecommunications name was formed from Dosantex, CD Media, Xo-Net and CDS Media.  We have managed to position ourselves as the leading solutions providers of IT and Telecoms in a fast paced and undeniably growing industry.

We seek to empower small medium enterprise (SME), It is our passion and interest to avail our ourselves in technology and telecommunications advancement in South Africa. We take pride in offering our competitive prices to our customers corporates, government and industrial markets to a large, including; the automotive industry, municipalities, schools, SME’s, manufacturers, labour brokers and construction companies, just to name a few. We see ourselves being the vessel to that need.

We are an IT and Telecoms service provider based on a ‘solution providers’ concept. We offer up to date solutions which are expandable and flexible to corporates and industrial markets, making it accessible to every individual.

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