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Some startups start out using a residential internet connection. Perhaps that's because many startups begin in home offices. But sometimes new small businesses try to save money with a residential internet connection. Unfortunately, limited savings often come at the expense of capabilities that can help a business grow and thrive. If you have a small business, you need to know about the top benefits of high speed internet for business, and how it can help your business be more competitive and efficient.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Planning and Installations

bring the wonderful world of wireless internet to your customers instantly and cost effectively. Most importantly this can be a profit center for your business.

Wi-Fi Audits & Analysis

Because of the mainstream acceptance and adoption of wireless networks nowadays, it has become quite important for companies and organizations alike to defend and protect their data as well as secure their wireless LANs

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Network Installation

Installation of switches, routers, range extenders Cable testing, fault finding & network cable repairs